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Supporting Global Citizenship Education

Global Citizenship education provide opportunities to critically engage with the global justice challenges we face and what we in Ireland can do, individually and collectively to create a fairer and more sustainable world.

Iebenia mkayula and baby Atupde at field farming school Tanzania

Iebenia mkayula and baby Atupde at field farming school Tanzania.

Why Global Citizenship Education?

If we are to achieve our long-term goal of having a world without hunger and poverty, it will be important to understand more about the underlying causes of inequality and injustice.

Prisca Lochoro, gardening as part of Girls Education School Club, Morulinga Primary School, Karamoja, Uganda

Prisca Lorchoro, Girls Education School Club, Karamojo, Uganda.

Making connections between how we live in Ireland and how this impacts on the lives of people in developing world is at the heart of Global Citizenship Education (GCE). GCE provide an opportunity to challenge ourselves and find out more about our rights and responsibilities as global citizens contributing to change - act locally, think globally.

Irish Aid supports a range of global citizenship education programmes that raise awareness and understanding of global development and justice issues and advocate for change. Our work is guided by the  Irish Aid Global Citizenship Education Strategy 2021-2025

Looking for More Information?

With Irish Aid support, a range of schools, higher education institutions, NGOs, and  youth, adult and community organisations are introducing ideas about global justice in  to learners of all ages, in formal and non –formal education settings all around Ireland.

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